The BBbarfly Pro is here. (Photos Below)

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Free Holster included with every BBbarfly Pro.

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Details and Spec's

The BBbarfly and the BBbarfly Pro are made to order in our own facility in Canada. The BBbarfly Pro will become a collectible item as new versions and models are made, there will only be a fixed number of the previous versions out there. 


Precision CNC Machined parts, Zen Pins, Bushings, Washers, Spacers and Screws.
The BBbarfly Pro is extremely well balanced for optimal performance, smooth, quiet, light and flips like a "Pro" :) 

Total Weight = 140gram / 4.938 Oz.  (Blade Weight = 34.5gram / 1.217 Oz.)

Handles are Aluminum... We have upgraded the original BBbarfly handles by splitting them into a sandwich style construction. They are then CNC machined to accommodate the pivot and construction screws as well as the standoff spacers and the Blade on the inside.

Blade is O1 Tool Steel... The blade is completely new for the BBbarfly Pro version only. This is a high grade alloy material commonly used in a wide variety of tools and knife blades. It is completely CNC machined, ground to a precise thickness and then polished for a beautiful surface finish. This is not a stainless steel.

Assembly... Each BBbarfly Pro is hand assembled and tuned for smooth and quiet performance. We use a medium strength removable thread locking compound (Loctite 242) on all the screws and pivots to keep them from coming loose. With this compound, you can still readjust and tune your BBbarfly Pro to your preference. 

Important Regular Maintenance ... The pivots should be oiled and kept clean from dirt and debris for best performance. The new BBbarfly Pro blade is O1 tool steel. This is a high grade alloy material used to make many high quality knives and tools but it is not a stainless steel. Like any of the knives and tools made out of tool steel, it should be kept clean and maintained to avoid discoloration over the long term. When storing your BBbarfly Pro, simply wipe the blade with a few drops of oil to keep it like new. This will displace any moisture from the blade and keep it protected. This is a very simple maintenance and will only take a few seconds but will prolong the life and look of your BBbarfly Pro indefinitely  ........ If left unkept the blade will rust in time.


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