Customization -

Before proceeding with a Custom BBbarfly Order please read the following.


Our customization service adds some fun to BBbarfly. A great choice for your company promotional product, bar, event, giveaway or gift. 

There is a small fee for artwork, setup time and printing process of $20 per design.

On orders of 10pcs or more, we will waive this fee.


    For Single orders of Custom BBbarfly Bottle openers, the artwork, setup and printing fee of $20 will still apply and be added to the retail price.

Alternately you can download our Sticker Template below in Adobe Illustrator format to create and submit your artwork. Once you are done with your design, email it to       We will take a look and be in touch with you promtly.  If your artwork is within the parameters outlined below, we will waive the artwork fee and we will happilly do the setup and printing for you at no extra charge.



  1. Our printing process will only produce solid (Spot) colors. We cannot print images with gradients. 
  2. The template contains the swatches of the colors that we offer. We cannot print colors that are not in the palette.
  3. We can print a maximum of any 4 colors out of the palette in one print. 
  4. Your artwork needs to be contained within the cutline. This is the shape of the sticker and anything outside of the border will be cut out.
  5. We can only print vector graphics. We cannot print Raster images.



BBbarfly Print Colors
(you can choose any 4 colors per design)

We get a lot of custom requests, many of them do not meet these guidelines and we understand that graphics and printing can be tricky.


However we cannot possibly respond to every single one of these requests and explain why we cannot print the graphics. Please do not be offended if we don't respond, it's not personal :)


If you are submitting a custom request with the form below, please make sure to provide as much detail as possible. Include the colors you want to use, text, fonts, colors for text etc. Describe the layout of the graphics as best you can so that we can get a good idea of what you are trying to achieve with your design. If you have not already read the "Limitations" section above, please do so prior to submitting your request.


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